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Healthy LifeStars is committed to working collectively to combat childhood obesity

In this spirit, Healthy LifeStars has always focused on partnering with other organizations with similar goals.

Large scale social change requires broad cross-sector coordination not just the isolated intervention of individual organizations.

Youth Organization Program Partners

A wide range of youth serving organizations become Program Partners by using The LifeStar Challenge program to enhance the health and wellness aspects of their broader programs serving children. Boys and Girls Clubs, The Salvation Army, Scholars Unlimited (formerly Summer Scholars), and Elevate Phoenix are excellent examples of the success of our partnering.

School Program Partners

Research has proven that kids with better cardiovascular fitness perform better in school

A school or school district’s mission is education, but they recognize that a healthy child is more receptive to learning and will exhibit more positive social behavior in school. Schools need wellness programs to supplement their often absent or reduced physical education and sports programs. They become Program Partners to provide The LifeStar Challenge as part of before or after school programs or during lunch.

Community Partners

Health care providers become our Community Partners because our program supports their prevention and community outreach activities

Their mission of healthier communities is totally aligned with our mission. They provide health content review and enhanced experiences for the kids in our programs. Fun runs, celebratory health fairs, bike safety days and summer activity options are but a few of the ways we combine efforts for greater impact.

Health care insurers or self-insured corporations benefit from healthier populations and are developing major Health and Wellness Initiatives for those they serve. Our program can be included for employees’ children as part of a wellness and prevention effort to reduce health care costs for the organization. Tracking and reporting of participant progress enables a company to provide incentives for children and family participation to reach a healthy goal.

Other non-profit organizations, businesses and government groups have also partnered with us to grow LifeStar Communities. Universities, news organizations, sporting groups, businesses, cities, professional medical groups, service organizations and others have all helped us serve over 24,000 children so far.

Working together collectively holds great promise for our communities to create sustainable solutions to the problem of childhood obesity. Join us today.

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