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LifeStar Communities are the best way to grow children into LifeStars.

The LifeStar Challenge is Ready to be Deployed Nationwide

Our program is easily scalable and ready for use in communities throughout the U.S. now.

Greater Phoenix, Denver, Maricopa, Tucson, Prescott, Flagstaff, New Mexico, Yuma and Las Vegas, as well as the Apache and Navajo Reservations are Our Current Communities

Phoenix, AZ

We launched the first LifeStar Community in Greater Phoenix in 2004.

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Denver, CO

We developed, refined and evaluated the program before deploying it to Denver in 2009.

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Tucson, AZ

In 2012 we launched the Tucson community.

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Healthy LifeStars serves Native American children living in Phoenix and surrounding areas through our LifeStar communities.  In addition, Healthy LifeStars has a focused outreach to rural Native American communities: we currently have partnerships with the Navajo and Apache Reservations.

Healthy LifeStars’ programs have reached over 24,000 children to date.

Building a Community to Achieve Greater Collective Impact

School districts, Boys and Girls Clubs, The Salvation Army sites and other youth-serving organizations incorporate The LifeStar Challenge into their broader program for the groups of children they serve.

Local community leaders, sports personalities and sports teams help us define and offer community-wide celebratory events for kids in the program. These events provide awareness and excitement for the entire LifeStar Community.

Investing partners, sponsors and individual donors are critical in providing the start-up costs and community contacts for each new community.

Healthy LifeStars will help you build a new LifeStar Community in your area

The goal is for each community to complete the program with their community’s youth and grow the number of children served. Healthy LifeStars provides all of the program materials, online trainingand marketing to the new LifeStar Community.

Help us grow an existing LifeStar Community. Help us launch a New LifeStar Community.

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