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Ten Reasons to Become a Program Partner

1.The LifeStar Challenge Gets Results!

The LifeStar Challenge gets results that improve the lives of children. The program has served more than 24,000 kids and the results show not only cardio-respiratory endurance improvements and reduced obesity levels, but the kids love participating in the program and reporting personal stories of real positive changes in their lives. Results also show increased knowledge of what it takes to live a healthy life and improvements in kids attitudes, energy and attendance. (Evaluation Results)

  • Increased levels of physical activity for the kids and parents (miles walked/run).
  • Reduction in obesity levels of kids (BMI as defined by the Centers for Disease Control).
  • Improvements in kids’ cardio-respiratory endurance (PACER test).
  • Improvements in attitudes about physical activity for kids and families.
  • Improvements in kids’ self-confidence.
  • Positive changes in healthy eating behaviors for families; led by Mom’s, they “do things differently.”
  • Positive changes in kid and family activity levels: parents reporting their child exercised “a lot or a “little more” and other people in the family were exercising “a lot” or a “little more.
  • Anecdotal evidence of improvement in kids’ academic performance as measured or indicated by standard test scores, 
grades, attendance, or less disruptive behavior.

2. The Program is Easy to Implement

The LifeStar Challenge can easily plug into existing Health and Wellness programs or be used as the foundation for a new one. We provide all program materials, training for coaches, And support including regular updating of online database for logging accumulated miles and reporting participant progress. Our Program Partners provide the venue, coach and organizational support for implementation.

3. The Program is Cost Effective

The program cost is $50 per kid.

4. The LifeStar Challenge is Scalable

Due to the online architecture created to support the program it makes it possible to cost effectively scale the program across the country. The online training can be accessed by any computer that has an internet connection and the ability to play online video.

5. The LifeStar Challenge Helps Build Community

Families are encouraged to participate with the kids in the Challenge. I Can Do It! At Home Activities inform and engage the family in group nutrition and physical activities. Family support of the kids’ involvement in the program and in the recognition activities, are important facilitators for success. Parents provide support by joining in the activity sessions at the site. Many sites regularly have parents out doing laps with their kids. Alternatively, parents can plan physical activity outings for the whole family and encourage balanced healthy meals and snacks for the kids and other family members.

6. The LifeStar Challenge Operates with Trained Coaches

LifeStar Coaches run the program after completing our online training. The training shows the Coaches how to effectively administer the challenge through the proper use of our unique set of content and rich but simple kid friendly materials.

Within the training the coaches are oriented to all aspects of The LifeStar Challenge including the core strategies around which the program is organized.

  • Learn-presentation of basic goal setting, exercise and nutrition content (Healthy Life Habits).
  • Practice-practice what has been taught over the course of the program.
  • Experience-personally feel what it’s like to live an active healthy life.
  • Commit-after experiencing the benefits that have been learned and practiced, commit to living an active healthy life now and in the future.

The Coaches are on site 2 to 3 times per week with the kids organizing, guiding, encouraging, tracking and inspiring. The Coaches also play a major part in the “at-a-boy” reinforcement which is part of our Rewards and Recognition System in play during regular sessions and at recognition events at the site and in the community.

7. The Rewards and Recognition System

One of the most significant components of The LifeStar Challenge is our Rewards and Recognition System. Each time the kids achieve one of their health goals they receive a colorful plastic LifeStar! It may seem like a simple reward, but giving children opportunities to be recognized for their accomplishments by the LifeStar Coach in front of a group of their peers, is a very powerful motivator!

8. The LifeStar Challenge is Noncompetitive

Some kids want to be active with their friends but can’t afford or don’t want to join competitive sports programs. The LifeStar Challenge is a perfect alternative for kids to interact in an environment under the supervision of the trained LifeStar Coach. Coaches are specifically trained to avoid promoting competition. The idea is for kids to have fun exercising together just like they might do as they grow older.

9. Duration and Intensity

Unlike programs which operate for a day, a week or a month, the Challenge engages kids for 30-40 minutes, 2-3 times per week. The program uniquely operates with the duration and intensity necessary to achieve lasting results, measured by increased physical activity, reduced obesity levels, improved cardiac health, improved healthy behaviors, and enhanced personal responsibility skills.

10. Kids and Families Love it!

The simple concept of setting and achieving a goal is new to many children, and even those who know something about it, appreciate being rewarded for their efforts. Especially when the reward and recognition comes within a group of their peers! Kids are very proud of the stars they earn and wear them proudly on their lanyards. Because the parents and the school or organization are also supporting the Health and Wellness focus of The LifeStar Challenge, it is well received by kids and their families.

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