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How The LifeStar Challenge Works

The goal of the program is for the participating kids to become LifeStars by setting and achieving a series of goal setting, exercise and nutrition goals during the course of the program. We refer to these three categories as the 3 Healthy Life Habits. The kids are rewarded for incremental accomplishments with LifeStars. Every kid who accomplishes all the goals of the program receives a certificate designating them as a LifeStar. The program can begin whenever an organization is ready to become a Program Partner. More detailed program information can be found in the Overview section.

Complete the Program Partner Orientation and Set-Up

The orientation provides information for setting up The LifeStar Challenge within your organization, including:

  • Program integration options
  • Easy to implement Session Plans
  • Coach’s Responsibilities
  • Administration documents
  • Educational resources
  • Recognition and Celebration Events

Coaches Training

During the orientation process, Healthy LifeStars will send the program materials and set the Program Partner up online, providing the Coach access to The LifeStar Challenge Coaches Training. All the training is online and can be completed in about 30 minutes. The Training provides the Coach with all the information needed to set-up and run The LifeStar Challenge.


Start The LifeStar Challenge

After completing the coaches training, the coach must collect permission slips from every kid participating in the program. Once permission slips are gathered, they are emailed/mailed to Healthy LifeStars. Parent letters describing the program are available online in English and Spanish and should be distributed to each kid. It explains the program and informs the parent about how they can reinforce the positive changes at home!

Running The LifeStar Challenge

The length of The LifeStar Challenge is flexible to suit your organization’s needs. The Healthy LifeStars Program Manager can work with you to determine the best program length. During the first 3 weeks, the coach introduces the kids to the 3 Healthy Life Habits and other health topics. There are online Session Plans to introduce each of the habits. Each of the Session Plans available online touch on each of the 3 Healthy Habits. Coaches can use any/all of the Session Plans or create their own.

Rewards and Recognition

One of the most significant components of The LifeStar Challenge is our Rewards and Recognition System. A kid receives a plastic LifeStar when they demonstrate their knowledge of the 3 healthy habits and participation in the program, as well as at the very end, when they become a LifeStar! It may seem like a simple reward, but giving children opportunities to be recognized for their accomplishments by the LifeStar Coach, in front of a group of their peers, is a very powerful motivator!

Rewarding stars as a group is a great way to recognize their accomplishments and motivate the group. At the conclusion of the program, partners hold a Celebration Event to recognize participants and award the LifeStar Certificates to the new LifeStars. Some LifeStar Communities have used larger events to celebrate their LifeStars. These events are a great opportunity to reinforce Health and Wellness and build community. Previous celebratory events have included a Suns game where Grant Hill addressed the group, a Diamondbacks game that included a lap on the field prior to the game and local 5k races which have allowed the top LifeStars free entries into the race.

Celebration Event Hosted by the Phoenix SUNS

Grant Hill mixed it up with the kids and talked to them about the importance of living an active healthy life.









Celebration Event Hosted by the Arizona Diamondbacks

Wrap Up

At the end of the program, the LifeStar Coach completes the online End of Program Survey and feedback. Finally, a starting date is set for the next time the program will run within the organization.

Program Costs

Healthy LifeStars is working continuously to secure sponsors for The LifeStar Challenge. We are able to provide the program at NO COST to all of our partners. Priority is given to Partners serving underserved populations.
Enroll now to put your organization on a list to receive sponsor support.

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