How Do The Kids Like Healthy LifeStars?

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Ariel:     The LifeStars helps my ability to grow better…..and it’s really good for my goals when I grow up.

Jocelyn:    LifeStar Challenge is very fun because you get active and help your body to get in shape.

Grace:     It was fun to exercise and set goals.  It was very fun and got me fit.

Your support can and does make a difference!


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Alex Is LifeStar of the Month

hls Alex student month

Ten-year-old Alex circles the field, running with ease. “I really love to run,” he explains with quiet confidence.

A natural athlete, Alex doesn’t put his running shoes away when he gets home from school and the Healthy LifeStars program. “I keep going,” he says with a little smile. The Stedman fifth grader hopes to play sports in high school and college and this, he says, is part of his motivation to set goals, stay healthy and eat well.

Alex starts the day with cereal and eggs, a hearty breakfast that enables him to stay focused in class and look forward to an afternoon of motion.

Two weeks into the program, he has already racked up 24 miles and expects to hit the 35 mile mark by the end of week three.

After their laps, Alex will join the other Summer Scholars for an afternoon of swimming lessons at a nearby pool, a refreshing opportunity on this warm summer afternoon.

“But,” he offers, “when I get home, I will probably run some more.”

We congratulate you for your commitment to healthy living, Alex.  Cheers for  being named our Healthy LifeStar of the Month.

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Elevate Phoenix + Healthy LifeStars In Support of Kids

Elevate Phoenix is a unique program for Arizona youth, modeled on Colorado UpLift, a  successful non-profit organization in Denver. For more than 30 years, Colorado UpLift has worked to help at risk students in the Mile High City succeed.

Impressively, ninety percent of high school seniors who have been in Colorado UpLift’s program for three years or more graduate from high school, and of these graduates , over 90 percent enroll in post-secondary education.

Together with urban public schools and communities, Elevate Phoenix works to strengthen character, empower knowledge and elevate relationships.

Healthy LifeStars is proud to partner with Elevate Phoenix to help the program’s children  learn  how regular exercise, healthy eating and goal setting can contribute to their  successful future.

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Well Done, Whittier!

The Whittier Healthy LifeStars are leading the way in showcasing the importance of healthy living from the inside out.

The active youngsters are not only tracking their impressive running and walking mileage, but focusing on the importance of whole health living.

Their coaches report discussions about the importance of positive thoughts and how such thinking can influence physical health.

They have planted a garden and their vegetables are “growing healthy and strong just like their minds!”

Families are taking an interest in the “I Can Do It At Home” activity sheets and all have been returned and signed.

The coaches and kids discuss the importance of including the five food groups during their time together and the conversation is continuing at home.

The Wilson Family reports “We encourage our children to choose three vegetables during the ay or three at dinner.”

Outstanding job, Whittier!

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Student Honors Traditions With HLS

hls gabrielle lifestar of the month


Join us in honoring Gabrielle, our Healthy LifeStar of the Month!

Quiet but self-assured, Gabrielle is committed to a healthy lifestyle. A fourth grade student at Gila Crossing Community School on the Gila reservation near Laveen, the 10-year-old spent the last year learning about the traditional agricultural ways of her O’odham ancestors.

She and fellow classmates learned to compost and develop good soil in the school cafeteria.  They raise vegetables including onions, carrots and tomatoes and are sometimes able to pick healthy snacks at lunchtime from their own garden or take them home to share with family and friends.

The goal of the school gardening program is to provide the kids with the skills to grow their own food, while keeping them in touch with their ancient cultural roots.

Gabrielle is also able to share her newfound knowledge and healthy eating goals at the Boys & Girls Club where she is a member of the Healthy LifeStars.

“I want to be an athlete,” explains Gabrielle, “so I am happy to have the chance to run here and to learn more about healthy lifestyles.”

Congratulations Gabrielle for being chosen as our LifeStar of the Month!

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Marcio: LifeStar of the Month


We honor Marcio, our Healthy LifeStar of the Month!

Marcio loves to run.

With a wide, happy smile, the ten-year-old explains that he is working on his speed with a goal in mind. He intends to play football. NFL football.

Anyone who watches him circle the track at the South Mountain Kroc Center in Phoenix, will believe as he does, that his daily strides will help him reach that goal.

He enjoys being a part of the Healthy LifeStars program because it reinforces his future plans and offers structure to his effort. “I’ve learned a lot about healthy eating,” explains the 3rd-grader who says that crab legs, cabbage and pineapple are his favorite foods.

“I’ve gotten faster since I have been in the program,” explains Marcio. “It is all this practice that makes a difference.”

He also likes that he can get his homework finished and then enjoy the sporting activities that include running laps as well as swimming in the center’s expansive pool, playing soccer and building strength on the climbing wall.

Marcio also reported sharing his healthy eating strategies at home and continues running with his family members on the weekend.

As an indication of Marcio’s commitment to fitness and health, he has a back-up goal should he decide to pass on a career with the NFL.

“I want to be in the Olympics,” said Marcio.

We’ll be cheering you on, Marcio where ever you choose to run! Congratulations on being our Healthy LifeStar of the Month!

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Michael’s 100 Mile Status

HLS kids mesa school

Each month we are highlighting students who are excelling within the Healthy LifeStars program.

Meet Michael. He’s among the group of youngsters who have achieved 100-mile status!

“I decided to run 100 miles when I was in second grade. And now I am in third grade and I did it!” explained nine year old Michael. (middle, above).

Asked how he was able to accomplish the feat his answer was two fold. “I’m a fast runner,” he said, “and I try to eat healthy because that helps my running.”

“I drink a lot of water, and milk and eat a lot of vegetables,” the Mesa student added.

Michael often runs with his six-year-old brother Daniel who also likes to be on the move. “I plan to keep doing this because it makes me feel fantastic!” he concluded.
Three cheers for Michael! What a tremendous accomplishment!

Congratulations for passing the 100 Mile Mark!

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Two Sisters Pass The 100 Mile Mark

HLS kids mesa school

For 11 year old Kassidy of Mesa, the Healthy LifeStars program has made a big difference in her life. She speaks with enthusiasm as she tells of her daily runs after school, an activity that often includes her twin sister Kaprice.

She recently passed the 100 mile mark and has racked up a total of 119.75 miles. Don’t mistake that for a mere 119!

She reports that her healthy eating habits contribute to her ability to add miles to her ledger. “I don’t even like junk food,” reports Kassidy, as she prepare for the afternoon stretch and run with her coaches and fellow program members. “I’ve seen a lot of the other kids change the way they eat too.”

“I really like the Healthy LifeStars program and I plan to keep it up!”, she said.

Well done, Kassidy! Congratulations on passing the 100 Mile Mark!

“I really like the support I get from my coaches,” reports 100-plus miler Kaprice. “I feel really good when I run and it keeps me out of trouble.”

The eleven-year said she values the time with friends and the positive effects of the Healthy LifeStars Program. “If I were not involved with this I would be just sitting around on the couch and watching TV.  Running is so much better and I want to be able to keep doing it!,” Kaprice said.

She is proud to have passed the 100 mile mark and is currently at 115. “ I would have as many miles as my sister Kassidy but I was home sick one day,”Kaprice reported. “It is so much fun, I am always trying to encourage more kids to participate.”

We are proud of your accomplishment, Kaprice! Congratulations for passing the 100 Mile Mark!

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Lennon’s Story

My name is Lennon, and I am a Kids Sports Star from St. Gregory School, in Phoenix. Arizona. Last year, was a fabulous year, and would not have been possible without the sponsors, coaches, Mrs. Anne Byrne, and Mr. Duane Nelson, and all the boards that make this program possible . K.S.S. has helped me achieve being healthy, active, and getting me and other Sports Stars thinking that I am somebody. No matter what type of group they are, such as “Walk and Talk” people, they are still getting active, eating right, and thinking that they are somebody. So, now let’s explain the parts of K.S.S. Being Active. When the kids are running around the field, or just walking at recess, they are getting the exercise they need. Eating Healthy. When the students participate in the Diet Chart, they learn what to eat, what not to eat, the serving portions, and in the future they stay away from the foods not to eat! The final part of Kids Sports Stars, is being Somebody. At assemblies, when students are getting their Achievement Recognition, they feel like they are Somebody. Being somebody makes the participants feel good about themselves.  And after they achieve that, they reached the K.S.S.’s ultimate goal. Being Healthy for Life. They made that happen to over 1000 students. Once again, than you sponsors, coaches, Mrs. Anne Byrne, and Mr. Duane Nelson, and all the boards of directors who make this program possible.

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