Beyond Technology: Supporting Active Pursuits

HLS coach running with kids DenverAs of 2009, children aged eight to 18 were spending more than seven and a half hours a day with non-school related technology. That, according to Kaiser Foundation research. With the increased prevalence of smartphones, tablets and portable video games that number is likely even higher today.

Programs like Healthy LifeStars encourage kids to get and stay active for a lifetime. A well integrated exercise program, combined with healthy eating choices, can alter the quality of a lifetime for a child.

How can you help paint a brighter picture of the years ahead for a young person?

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Fit Kids Fare Better In School

HLS group with sticks

As shrinking school budgets threaten more physical education programs, a new study has confirmed that fit children absorb and retain information more effectively than youngsters who are out of shape.

An additional study published in The Journal of Pediatrics, reported the results of a large-scale project involving nearly 12,000 school children in Nebraska. Researchers found that better fitness resulted in higher achievement scores. Interestingly, the investigation revealed that body size was not the most important factor. Overweight but relatively fit kids fared better than lighter but less fit students.

Yet another recently published study suggests that “higher levels of fitness have their greatest impact in the most challenging situations” that students face in the classroom and beyond. The research only supports what most teachers, parents and child advocates intuitively know; healthy eating and exercise play a critical role in the success of every child. That’s why programs like Healthy LifeStars matter more now than ever.

Help us make a difference in the life of a child.  Today.

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Healthy LifeStars Welcomes Bridget Almond

HLS Bridget

Fortified with a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP)designation through the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance and a Bachelor of Science degree

in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from Arizona State, Bridget Almond is eager to make a difference within Healthy LifeStars.

She will also draw upon her volunteer management, special event planning, and development experience gained through internships with Waste Management Phoenix Open, Boys & Girls Clubs, and Volunteers of America.

As the Development & Operations Coordinator, Bridget will use her creativity and “detail management” skills to provide assistance in a range of new and existing projects.

When not noodling solutions and strategies that will benefit Healthy LifeStars, Bridget enjoys yoga, gardening and travel.

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Paula Kipp Joins Healthy LifeStars

HLS Paula

Paula Kipp is eager to put her 12 years of experience in non-profit and for-profit program and project management to work for Healthy LifeStars.  As the new Program Implementation Manager she will work to initiate sustainable strategies that will lead to effective and meaningful program growth and community building.

Before joining Healthy LifeStars, Paula managed large-scale projects Healthways Silver Sneakers Fitness Programs and ten years with Kids Voting USA.

She is active in the community and has served on the board of Amigos de las Américas, as a coach for Girls on the Run and for the Nevada Special Olympics Equestrian team, and currently as a civic education team member with SpeakOut Arizona.

Her personal interests blend well with Healthy LifeStars as well. In addition to playing the piano Paula runs and competes in road and trail races.

“ I look forward to making a difference in the lives of young people through this important program, “ adds Paula.

Please join us in welcoming Paula Kipp to the Healthy LifeStars family.

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