Student Honors Traditions With HLS

hls gabrielle lifestar of the month


Join us in honoring Gabrielle, our Healthy LifeStar of the Month!

Quiet but self-assured, Gabrielle is committed to a healthy lifestyle. A fourth grade student at Gila Crossing Community School on the Gila reservation near Laveen, the 10-year-old spent the last year learning about the traditional agricultural ways of her O’odham ancestors.

She and fellow classmates learned to compost and develop good soil in the school cafeteria.  They raise vegetables including onions, carrots and tomatoes and are sometimes able to pick healthy snacks at lunchtime from their own garden or take them home to share with family and friends.

The goal of the school gardening program is to provide the kids with the skills to grow their own food, while keeping them in touch with their ancient cultural roots.

Gabrielle is also able to share her newfound knowledge and healthy eating goals at the Boys & Girls Club where she is a member of the Healthy LifeStars.

“I want to be an athlete,” explains Gabrielle, “so I am happy to have the chance to run here and to learn more about healthy lifestyles.”

Congratulations Gabrielle for being chosen as our LifeStar of the Month!

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