Coach Helps Create LifeStars


Brittney Downs is one of those individuals who sees a job that needs to be done and takes action. With a smile.

An educator by training, Brittney spent time volunteering at the Kroc Center before joining the “Kroc Krew”. That’s the name given to staff members at the Salvation Army’s extraordinary community center at South Mountain.  The 16-acre facility in South Phoenix was made possible by the generosity of Joan and Ray Kroc, founders of McDonalds.

“The Healthy LifeStars program was the perfect solution for us,” explains Brittney. “We were attempting to create our own program at the outset, but because of Healthy LifeStars we have a strong curriculum that combines nutritional education, physical activity and accountability.”

“The kids are really motivated by the goal setting,” she explained. “They are so excited to rack up the miles!”

The mother of one daughter, with another child on the way, Brittney is committed to healthy living and enjoys being a part of a program that helps young students get on the right track.

The Kroc after school program includes homework time, a healthy snack and then time for running and swimming.

“It is great to see the kids so committed to something,” she concluded. “It makes a genuine difference in their lives.”

 Brittney Downs, please accept our gratitude for your contributions to the children and the Healthy LifeStars program.

Congratulations on being a Coach of the Month!

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Marcio: LifeStar of the Month


We honor Marcio, our Healthy LifeStar of the Month!

Marcio loves to run.

With a wide, happy smile, the ten-year-old explains that he is working on his speed with a goal in mind. He intends to play football. NFL football.

Anyone who watches him circle the track at the South Mountain Kroc Center in Phoenix, will believe as he does, that his daily strides will help him reach that goal.

He enjoys being a part of the Healthy LifeStars program because it reinforces his future plans and offers structure to his effort. “I’ve learned a lot about healthy eating,” explains the 3rd-grader who says that crab legs, cabbage and pineapple are his favorite foods.

“I’ve gotten faster since I have been in the program,” explains Marcio. “It is all this practice that makes a difference.”

He also likes that he can get his homework finished and then enjoy the sporting activities that include running laps as well as swimming in the center’s expansive pool, playing soccer and building strength on the climbing wall.

Marcio also reported sharing his healthy eating strategies at home and continues running with his family members on the weekend.

As an indication of Marcio’s commitment to fitness and health, he has a back-up goal should he decide to pass on a career with the NFL.

“I want to be in the Olympics,” said Marcio.

We’ll be cheering you on, Marcio where ever you choose to run! Congratulations on being our Healthy LifeStar of the Month!

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Life Span Lessons


That is the number of additional days New Yorkers will be on the planet compared to the rest of us. Or at least compared to the national average life expectancy. This, according to data from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.

So how does this vibrant city fare so well?

Reportedly, the longer life span is attributed to the city’s now  decades long efforts to provide more physical education and healthy menu options in schools, smoking bans and a focus on keeping the city safe and walkable.

Perhaps other cities should take a bite out of the Big Apple’s approach to creating a healthy lifestyle for all residents.

Peruse this web site to find out more about how Healthy LifeStars , a program modeling these same values for schools and communities, makes a difference.

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