Findings Underscore Benefits of the Healthy LIfeStars Program

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Another recent report underscores previous findings that physical activity supports academic achievement, well-nourished kids learn better and that healthier practices in schools can increase school revenue. And, it shows that schools that offer students healthier food and more time to be active are seeing increasing fitness levels, better student behavior and even higher test scores.

Simply put, kids who don’t eat nutritiously and enjoy regular physical activity are at an academic disadvantage.

Among the recent key findings:

•          Moderate (physical) activity increases kids’ neuroelectric (or brain) activity.

•          On average, students who eat school breakfast have been shown to attend 1.5 more days of school per year and score 17.5 percent higher on standardized math tests.

•          One study of schools selling healthier foods and beverages found that 71 percent experienced revenue increases while 24 percent had no change at all.

The Healthy LIfeStars program is a prime example of the kind of program that provides both information about healthy eating strategies and the importance of regular exercise and activity.

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Michael’s 100 Mile Status

HLS kids mesa school

Each month we are highlighting students who are excelling within the Healthy LifeStars program.

Meet Michael. He’s among the group of youngsters who have achieved 100-mile status!

“I decided to run 100 miles when I was in second grade. And now I am in third grade and I did it!” explained nine year old Michael. (middle, above).

Asked how he was able to accomplish the feat his answer was two fold. “I’m a fast runner,” he said, “and I try to eat healthy because that helps my running.”

“I drink a lot of water, and milk and eat a lot of vegetables,” the Mesa student added.

Michael often runs with his six-year-old brother Daniel who also likes to be on the move. “I plan to keep doing this because it makes me feel fantastic!” he concluded.
Three cheers for Michael! What a tremendous accomplishment!

Congratulations for passing the 100 Mile Mark!

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Two Sisters Pass The 100 Mile Mark

HLS kids mesa school

For 11 year old Kassidy of Mesa, the Healthy LifeStars program has made a big difference in her life. She speaks with enthusiasm as she tells of her daily runs after school, an activity that often includes her twin sister Kaprice.

She recently passed the 100 mile mark and has racked up a total of 119.75 miles. Don’t mistake that for a mere 119!

She reports that her healthy eating habits contribute to her ability to add miles to her ledger. “I don’t even like junk food,” reports Kassidy, as she prepare for the afternoon stretch and run with her coaches and fellow program members. “I’ve seen a lot of the other kids change the way they eat too.”

“I really like the Healthy LifeStars program and I plan to keep it up!”, she said.

Well done, Kassidy! Congratulations on passing the 100 Mile Mark!

“I really like the support I get from my coaches,” reports 100-plus miler Kaprice. “I feel really good when I run and it keeps me out of trouble.”

The eleven-year said she values the time with friends and the positive effects of the Healthy LifeStars Program. “If I were not involved with this I would be just sitting around on the couch and watching TV.  Running is so much better and I want to be able to keep doing it!,” Kaprice said.

She is proud to have passed the 100 mile mark and is currently at 115. “ I would have as many miles as my sister Kassidy but I was home sick one day,”Kaprice reported. “It is so much fun, I am always trying to encourage more kids to participate.”

We are proud of your accomplishment, Kaprice! Congratulations for passing the 100 Mile Mark!

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Thanks to our Coaches of the Month!

hls coaches mesa
Congratulations to our Coaches of the Month Jeffrey Thomas and Mindy Przeor.


“These kids love to run!” That from one of two Coaches of the Month, Jeffrey Thomas. He works with Mindy Przeor to provide the Healthy LifeStars from Brinton Elementary School in Mesa, AZ, the opportunity to not only run after school but to enter local fun runs and races to expand the experience. 

The group started out doing short runs and have continued to set goals and move on to longer, more competitive events.

“It is gratifying to see the kids show up at these events now. They are comfortable with the program, and often will help first time adults figure out where to go for the racing bibs and other details. It has inspired a lot of confidence,” offered Coach Przeor.
“The kids inspire me to be healthy too,” added Przeor who recently qualified for the Boston Marathon. “When we head out to do neighborhood runs I don’t want the nine year olds passing me by!”
Both coaches have been impressed by the support the program has received from the community.  Race organizers have offered reduced or complimentary fees for the kids and donors have made it possible for the youngsters to have quality running shoes.”
“We see how the program affects the entire family,” added Thomas. “The parents talk about how the kids care more about healthy eating and some are even showing up to participate in the races.”
Jeffrey and Mindy, please accept our gratitude for your contributions and commitment to the children and the Healthy LifeStars program. You are making an important difference in the lives of these young people.

Congratulations on being our Coaches of the Month!

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